Our team

The way we work at euforia is holarchical, consensual and radically collaborative. On top of that, it builds on holacracy and sociocracy, that's why at euforia we don't work according to a top-down organigram. We are rather organised in circles, each of which has their own purpose, domains and accountabilities. euforia wouldn't be the organisation it is today if it weren't for the incredible work of more than 200 active volunteers, in Switzerland and abroad.


HEARTBEAT circle: Coordination, Administration, Talent Development, Financial Management, Fundraising, Knowledge Management, Organisational Development, Strategic Planning, Impact Evaluation, Wellbeing, Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Events, Community Building and Storytelling
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PLAY Circle: Programme Design, Facilitation, Academic Trainings, Knowledge Management, Training and Coaching of volunteers
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PRO circle: Programme Design, Facilitation, Marketing, Sales, Network creation of like-minded experts for our Corporate Services
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Additionally we can count on volunt'heroes all over the world – our work would be impossible without their support!


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