David Martin


Finances Skipper

Heartbeat Circle

If you don’t know anything about Finance and believe that numbers are boring, David is your guy! (this, and if you want to know anything about Hip Hop)! David adds fun and a hint of craziness to all his financial presentations to transform numbers into flying fairies in order to make it accessible for everyone. Davis brings this spice and lightness also into all his other roles from Fun(d)raising, Partnerships to Project Management, that he has taken on, on top of his finances Management ones. Breaking down gender stereotypes is a topic dear to his heart which is why he is part of our “Power has no Gender” team. Being a passionate globetrotter, David has started working for euforia 4 years ago but by now has found his paradise in Spain together with his family. His little daughter, taking on her Dad’s spirit, sometimes also joins and enlightens our team meetings.