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We believe it is high time to mainstream new ways of learning, collaborating and innovating that address the current challenges facing our economy, society and environment. The Unleash Project aims at empowering individuals to recognize their transformative potential and become proactive leaders. With a strong focus on social inclusion, it provides a space for people with different social and professional backgrounds to connect at eye level, to change perspectives and to explore innovative approaches in order to make a change in their context.

The Unleash Project consists of experiential weekends led by trainers and facilitators with diverse expertise. Workshops on different topics provide an opportunity to explore and exchange ideas about new concepts and tools for each participant’s  personal development, new ways of collaborating in teams and organizations, and how to achieve a societal impact with their activities.

Additional open community evenings (Share & Grow Nights) allow participants to share their own discoveries or new ideas and to (re-)connect with the wider community.

The 2019 edition of The Unleash projet in Romandie will be focused on the Gender topic and thus act as the main thread to weave together different elements of our program Power has no Gender.

Why should you participate?

  1. You recognize your leadership potential and wish to explore ways to apply it in your life and context.

  2. You exchange perspectives with unlikely collaborators coming from different cultural, societal and professional backgrounds and experience connection on a deeper level.

  3. You explore innovative tools and approaches for personal, team and cultural development.

  4. You become part of the euforia community of likeminded, inspiring changemakers.


Dates & Topics

6 - 7 October 2018: Personal Development and Teampreneurship
Zurich (in German) and Geneva (in French)

This weekend gives participants the opportunity to explore attitudes, skills and knowledge to unleash their potential for well-being and impact at the personal level and in collaboration with others:

  • Discovering personal potential and intrinsic motivation (including strengths, values and moral compass, purpose).

  • Exploring interpersonal and team dynamics, facilitation, efficient and open communication

  • Working on your leadership through strengthening the ability to fulfill your potential and overcome barriers such as lack of self-esteem, fear of failure, language challenges, cultural differences and gender issues.

  • Connecting with like minded individuals to get inspired and create meaningful and helpful connections beyond the training weekend


3 - 4 November 2018: Institutions and Societal Level: Organizations of the 21st century, SDGs and Impact Initiatives
Zurich (in German) and Geneva (in French)

This weekend gives the participants to unleash potential for well-being and impact in organizations, institutions and in society:

  • Institutional cultures, structures and models adapted to the new contexts

  • Good Practices for Innovation, Sustainability, Best-Place-to-Work and Human-Centred Leadership

  • Collaboration across organizations and sectors

  • How do societal issues impact me and the world I live in

  • Developing impact networks and communities

  • Contributing to and driving forward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Please choose the rate according to your financial possibilities:

  • Rate 1: 130 CHF per weekend or 200 CHF for both weekends.
    This price allows us to cover the costs of the programme and the location.

  • Rate 2: 230 CHF per weekend or 400 CHF for both weekends.
    This price allows us to cover the costs of the programme, the location, the compensation for external facilitators, workshop material and snacks.

  • Rate 3: 330 CHF per weekend or 600 CHF for both weekends.
    This price allows us to cover the costs of the programme, the location, the compensation for external and internal facilitators, workshop material and snacks. Choosing this price, you will also help people with low revenues (subsidized price & scholarships) to participate.

Scholarships: If you are in a situation of particular hardship that wouldn’t allow you to participate with the subsidized pricing, please contact us here.

Applications will open soon!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us:

This project is possible thanks to the support of:

Drosos Stiftung
Bundesamt für Sozialversicherungen / Office féderal des assurances sociales
Stiftung Mercator Schweiz
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Hirschmann Stiftung

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