You can’t compete externally if you can’t first collaborate internally.
— Jim Tamm, Senior Judge and Radical Collaboration co-founder


Radical Collaboration® is a methodology for building high-trust relationships in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and agility. This workshop is particularly beneficial for people who want to create a highly collaborative working environment and who want to solve problems that arise in workplaces where different interests and opinions may create conflict.

Often workplaces lack sufficient collaboration skills which wastes time and resources. They are less creative, have higher employee turnover, lower trust, longer lead times and lower employee satisfaction. With the knowledge gained at our Radical Collaboration workshop your working culture will become highly collaborative, by creating a high trust environment with mustual support, cooperation, healthy risk taking, honesty and openness.


We help you master your collaborative skills

In a three-day programme of professional and personal development, the Radical Collaboration® training teaches how to skillfully navigate conflicts and turn adversarial situations into situations of trust and collaboration. It builds on five essential collaborative skills:



Collaborative intention – Stay non-defensive and commit to mutual success in relationships.



Truthfulness – Create a climate of honesty and openness that allows people to feel safe enough to discuss difficult issues.




Self-Accountability – Take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, both intended and unintended.




Awareness of Self and Others – Know yourself and others well enough to explore difficult interpersonal issues to solve problems.




Problem-Solving and Negotiation – Negotiate your way through inevitable conflicts, in a way that builds relationships rather than undermining them.

The training provides guidance through a variety of teaching strategies such as brief lectures, interactive exercises, guided imagery, self-assessment checklists, small group planning sessions, and individualized action planning. The participants will learn how subtle differences in their fundamental approach to problem-solving can support their collaborative efforts.


Why should your organization participate?

The programme is beneficial for everybody across all ages, professional contexts and social backgrounds. It helps you to:

  • Develop skills in establishing and solidifying partnerships and alliances based on truthfulness.

  • Get your interests met in negotiations and conflict resolutions.

  • Build and maintain long-term climates of trust.

  • Overcome defensiveness and support others to reduce their defensiveness.

  • Improve listening skills and create a safe place to work on difficult issues.

  • Gain personal insights into attitudes and behaviours for conflict situations.

This workshop enhances social and problem-solving skills that empower its participants to deal with difficult people and situations. It shows how conflicts can be resolved successfully and how a transformation of an internal competition can be transformed into a trust-based working culture.


The impact of Radical Collaboration®

The Radical Collaboration® training has proven to make a big difference in any organization, in a short amount of time. The study from J. Kotter and James Heskett on the relationship between culture and performance conducted on more than 200 companies, shows that strategies and practices that continuously adapt to the market environment, as well as collaborative skills, are essential to ensure long-term profitability. Companies with collaborative cultures (Green Zone) greatly outperform the ones with adversarial cultures (Red Zone). Our Radical Collaboration® workshop will bring your team into the Green Zone!


This is Jim Tamm's Ted-Talk on collaboration:


What our former participants say

On average our participants, of the Radical Collaboration trainings in 2017, had the opinion that:  


This training was a worthwhile investment in my career and/or personal development.


I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned to my job.


This training will improve my job performance.


I would recommend this training to a friend.


Being radically collaborative is not just the "nice thing" to do. It is objectively more efficient than traditional collaboration.
You may have a great impact on the collaboration's dynamics and outcomes whatever the counterpart's approach, just by consciously practising radical collaboration's principles. 
Monica G.

“I learned to create a work environment in which team members can contribute, feel valuable and collaborate efficiently and solution-oriented. The training was a clear benefit to improve the quality and productivity in collaboration.“
Andri H.

“The training showed me the importance of being aware of my own behaviour patterns. Furthermore, I experienced valuable tools and approaches to overcome conflicts.“
Anja B.


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