The power of Constellations

In the next Unleash Project in Zurich on November 3/4 we will explore Systems Constellatios with Antonio da Silva in order to realize the interdependence of things and the importance of alternative perspectives in some situations. What Constellations is about is explained by Antonio in this interview.

What are Constellations, can you describe it for us?

It is a process used to explore certain situations that we go through in our lives and get insights about them allowing us to deal with them differently. Through this approach we can see how certain patterns we experience can be connected to our relationship to members of the family, for instance, or even how this is also inherited from our ancestors. Events we face in life are sometimes connected to our lineage. So we are carrying this process through time without being aware of it. The idea is that family or systems constellations make you aware of these patterns and allow us to release blockages we currently have. Many people have been using this process in different situations. It is not only restricted to family and personal issues anymore, but also to topics in organizations, social groups, and even for collective issues, as some of the many possibilities of application of this powerful tool. Constellation allows us to deal with parts of ourselves that are not really conscious, giving us the opportunity to have a completely different outcome.

So, what kind of topics can Systems Constellations deal with?

For instance we can apply Constellations to understand why I have difficulties to have money, how to have better relationships, what is behind a certain physical symptom, or why certain organizations experience specific challenges.

Can we also use it to explore more societal issues?

Absolutely! For instance I started to do work with friends to understand the influence of money here in Switzerland. There are groups using Constellations to look into the consequences of the Holocaust in Germany, or about the effects of Colonialism in different countries, conflicts in certain regions of the Globe etc..

And how can we imagine Constellations when we treat a case that is more societal where the people in the Constellations do not necessarily represent other people but maybe institutions, things, or actors?

When we sit down to look into a social issue we actually are looking into our own relationship with the topic. And by doing that it does not necessarily mean that we are going to be able to solve the whole situation but we are at least working to change our perspective around that. In this way we have the potential of reaching more harmony and peace for ourselves, ends up having an effect on the our environment also. This allows us to become at least an inspiration for other people to look into the same situation also differently. We basically learn how to deal with the certain challenges we all face collectively with more maturity and getting less triggered emotionally by them, for instance. That's the power of this process.

What is your favorite thing about Constellations?

It allows me to look into stuff that is really unconscious, things I was not aware of but that influences how I experience life. And this is a wonderful gift, since it gives me the opportunity to bring light to unconscious points, giving me the choice to deal from another perspective. This is what I find fantastic about constellations.

- 30.10.2018

Antonio da Silva - Constellations wizard

Antonio da Silva - Constellations wizard