Camille Schüle


Program coordinator & community architect


Behind Camille's super friendly sunshine smile, this powerful woman stands strong in her quest to change the world. Just like water, she flows and adapts to any situation with strength and courage. Camille successfully founded metáfora, a company that masters the tough art of translations into French. Besides language translations, she is an expert in translating energies. Camille understands people around her, and her inner peace flows into every exchange you have with her. She manages to integrate different strings of thoughts and combining them into a beautiful bouquet of ideas. Camille brings all of this to the euforia team; it particularly makes her a unique facilitator and community builder. Camille's 'Oui, let's go!' attitude shows she is always up for living each moment with intensity... all with astonishing multi-tasking talent! She rides the waves on a surfboard just as she brings life to the Bern community: with devotion, resilience and blissful joy.