Malika Dreyfuss


Euphoric Opportunities Creator

Opportunities and Experiences Circle

We are so lucky that a few years ago Malika decided to come back from Mexico to join the euforia adventure in Romandie. From there she brought back her dog Nikita, who is part of our team, some funky latino dance moves making her always ready to groove for an energizing break during a team meeting. Moreover, Malika brought her valuable partnership skills that she developed in Mexico working in the social entrepreneurial field for a few years, allowing euforia to grow through amazing collaborations. Malika is known and loved for her smile and her authentic kindness but watch out she is also fearless and her creative brain has no boundaries! She always comes up with new ambitious, innovative and meaningful project ideas and is not afraid when it comes to implement it on a big scale. With all her energy she is involved in our youth programs, corporate trainings, inclusion partnerships, budget management, and fundraising projects!