Alessia Cervone


Co-founder, Chief Empowerment Officer

Opportunities & Experiences Circle

Originally from a sumptuous little Italian town by the sea, Alessia enjoys traveling, exploring new landscapes and discovering new cultures. While studying international relations at the University of Geneva, Alessia envisioned to have a positive impact on society by creating a new movement. This is how she embarked on an adventure that changed the course of her life, this beautiful project is called euforia which she co-founded in 2008. Beside Alessia knowing everything there is to know about euforia, we are super lucky to have her astonishing skills in facilitation and program design in the team. Passionate about wellbeing, Alessia as Chief Empowerment Officer is responsible for creating a pleasant work environment that promotes the cohesion and development of the talents of each member of the team. This competence is key in her work with organisations such as UNITAR, the State of Geneva, Hospice Général, and many more. We admire her for her perpetual quest of new challenges that make her grow and that allows organisations and individuals to work and live together in a sustainable world.


Project management, Facilitation and program design, Self management, Team dynamics, Wellbeing