Magdalena J. Schneider


Director Outreach & Network Architect

Heartbeat & Experiences Circle

Magdalena is our Mompreneur and energy bundle. After creating sustainable investment strategies for various banks across Europe, Magdalena managed to successfully co-found two start-ups (KiddieLand & Ars Vinum) simultaneously. She always has new ideas and dreams on how we can change the world and brings her inspiration and positivity to everyone who has the chance to work with her. Her two kids Emil and Greta are a vivid part of our euforia family, and since Magdalena is our Network Architect most of our partner organisations have already met the two little ones. With her love for co-creation, Magdalena is the one connecting people, projects and organizations. Planting those new seeds is what drives her, while she makes sure to get the funding and to share new prototypes and out-of the-box solutions with our community.