This was imp!act Lausanne 2018

An amazing team of motivated volunteers, inspired participants, inspiring speakers and good food has been the perfect recipe of imp!act Lausanne 2018. Indeed, spending three days with people who share the same will to have a positive impact on our society and build a better world is uplifting! Over the course of the event, great ideas grew to become powerful projects. Two social and environmental initiatives emerged, both aiming to reconnect people to each other and their surroundings. Learning, sharing and coming out of one’s comfort zone is very enriching and this was made possible thanks to the goodwill, passion and advice of everyone involved in Imp!act Lausanne. In a few words, I would describe it as a safe space full of positive energy and benevolence.

Laura Manent, participant

BE YOU NETWORK and (r)evolution lab: Organize an imp!act+ on Gender and LGBTI topics

We are very happy to join forces for the next (r)evolution lab cycle with our partner organization Be You Network. Together we want to give the opportunity to volunteers to organize imp!act+ events with a special focus on Gender and LGBTI topics.

(r)evolution lab is growing and testing new waters. For the upcoming programme cycle in the German and French language region of Switzerland, we are collaborating with BE YOU NETWORK, the community of people who take action so that gender norms no longer define who you are, who you can love and what you can accomplish. More than 100’000 people and organizations have joined the community in Switzerland and abroad.

What does this concretely mean for our (r)evolution lab participants?
The structure and content of the (r)evolution lab programme will be the exact same for all participants. The difference will be in the imp!act teams: depending on your interests, you can choose between a team who organises an imp!act around social and environmental topics OR you join the imp!act+ team which will put a specific focus on Gender and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) projects.

Are you willing to explore this new journey with us? Then join the next (r)evolution lab cycle in the Deutschschweiz or Romandie. The next programme cycle starts in September 2018 and is spread over six months, finishing with your imp!act or imp!act+ event in spring 2019:

Weekend 1 — Project kick-off (14 - 16 September 2018): Teambuilding, project management, roles, inclusion

Evening gatherings (Between October and January): 3 evenings on different topics (logistics, finances, outreach, etc.). The dates will be defined with the teams on the first weekend.

Weekend 2 — Facilitation & Programme Weekend (12 - 13 January 2019): Facilitation and programme design

More information and sign-up here.

imp!act St Julien - what, why and how

At the end of Imp!act Geneva 2018, several participants undertook to replicate the event in their city, Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France), in order to share with others their unforgettable experience. The seven highly motivated volunteers, supported by the city and several organizations, organized an Imp!act which attracted sixteen participants aged 16 to 30 from a wide variety of backgrounds. The event was a real success. Over the course of the experiment, team spirit has grown steadily among the participants. All share the will to act for a better world. Imp!act St-Julien will have allowed the emergence of four social and environmental projects. We thank all the volunteers, participants, experts and juries for their enthusiasm, kindness and commitment.
- Bruno Patrício

imp!act Zürich - Butter bei die Fische geben


Impact ist ein dreieinhalbtägiger Workshop. Dabei treffen Leute zusammen, die soziale, ökologische oder ökonomische Herausforderungen angehen wollen. Durch die Facilitators von euforia werden, innerhalb dieser kurzen Zeit, starke Teams, die am Ende zusammen eine Projektidee pitchen. Dabei werden sie von Experten aus der Wirtschaft und Changemakern die bereits eigene Projekte realisiert haben gecoacht. Besonders interessant ist der Validation-Day an dem alle Teams die Chance haben raus zu gehen und in Unternehmen oder mit Passanten auf der Straße einen Reality-Check zu machen. In meinem Team haben wir Guerillainterviews geführt. Wir sind einfach zu NGOs in Zürich gegangen und haben in Gesprächen von 15-30 Minuten wertvolle Insights gewinnen können. Dabei war ich selber super überrascht, auf wie viel Hilfsbereitschaft wir mit dieser spontanen Herangehensweise gestoßen sind.

Am letzten Tag mussten wir die gewonnenen Eindrücke und Informationen strukturieren und einer Jury präsentieren. Sie bestand aus zwei Senior Consultants und einem Vizedirektor einer Züricher Bank. Es ging also wirklich um die Wurst. Am Ende haben wir wertvolles Feedback bekommen und waren startklar das Projekt tatsächlich zu realisieren. Ich kann das imp!act nur empfehlen. Jeder, der gerne die Ärmel hochkrempeln und Butter bei die Fische geben will sollte hingehen. Sei es bereits mit einer Idee oder nur mit dem Willen was zu verändern. Denn das Impact ist ein richtiger Inkubator für Changemaker.

- Lucas Danisch

Inspiration? Networking? Fun? Imp!act!!!

11 IMG_1563.JPG

I very recently attended the imp!act in Bern. I participated because I am starting an internship at euforia and this workshop was a great opportunity to observe and understand how the imp!act and euforia work. 
I must admit, that at first I felt a little bit lost. I felt as though my motivation -understanding euforia- was different from those who participated in the imp!act because they had an idea in mind which they wanted to turn into a specific project. However, this feeling went away very quickly. I realized that even without an idea for a project in mind, the imp!act is not only fun but also inspiring. 
When I look at the problems of the world, I often feel helpless. The problems seem so huge, and I so small. What could I possibly do? This feeling of hopelessness went away during the imp!act. I realized that change at first starts on a small scale. You do not have to have the one perfect solution. You simply have to start somewhere. Only through giving an idea a try, you will see if the idea works. From there, you can adapt your idea again and again until you make the impact that you want to make. 
The imp!act is about brainstorming, being creative together and receiving the tools to implement ideas, and of course about having fun! The facilitators did a great job sharing their knowledge with us and keeping us motivated with energizers, incredible food and
drinks ;) 
Also, we were provided with an impressing network of amazing changemakers who shared their experiences with us and advised us on our ideas. 
I was deeply impressed by the atmosphere that was created, a space of co-working, inspiration and also networking. The imp!act is really for everyone, for those who have concrete ideas, as well as for those who seek motivation. 

You want to share this experience? Participate in the next imp!act taking place in Zürich (in German) from June 20-23 or in Saint Julien en Genevois (in French) from June 27-30. 

Welcome Clara!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 17.10.00.jpeg

My name is Clara and I am 25 years old. I grew up in the beautiful city Regensburg, and spent my last five years in Freiburg, Germany, where I finished my Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. My study program was really inspiring and mind opening to me in many regards. After graduating I was thus in search for an institution that strives towards making a societal change. It is through a very good friend of mine that I heard of euforia. She participated in the imp!act a few years ago and she still feels enthusiastic about this experience. After attending myself I understand why. So instead of moving closer again to my family, as I anticipated, I decided to come to Zürich instead in order to be able to work in this productive, innovative and optimistic atmosphere. I am so happy to be part of the euforia team as an intern, to learn new things, meet great people, to be open minded and to make an impact myself.

Welcome Diogo!


Hi, I'm Diogo and I'm from Mem Martins, Portugal. I was born in Lisbon, but I have always lived in Mem Martins, near the beautiful town of Sintra.

My greatest passions are music and humor. In my free time I play guitar and drums, I like being with my family & friends and doing long walks alone or accompanied. When I have a lot of energy, I practice kickboxing, and in the most creative moments in which I feel the need to express myself, I like to write humorous texts. This allows me to have different perspectives of the same reality and to be fairer with myself and with others.

This photograph was taken in Cape Verde, in one of my missions in which I had the privilege of participating and meeting simple, warmhearted and happy people. This experience taught me to feel grateful for what I have and to be happy to simply exist. There are days that seem hazy, but there is always a sun behind the clouds to shine. And the sun has shone and I have the opportunity to be part of this beautiful family, to be able to make a difference and to be an actor of change in a world that I love so much!

Our Easter present: Win a ticket for The Unleash Project


It's Easter time! Before going into the long break, you'll have the possibility to win a fancy Easter present! We draw three tickets for The Unleash Weekend – Societal level from 7 - 8 April in Geneva.

The next weekend is the last one of this 2017/2018 cycle and will be on the topic "Societal Level". Among others, there will be people from Amanitas who show us different models of living and working together. We'll also talk about System Thinking and co-create solutions to societal challenges the participants see in their work environment. Inspiring stories, ideas and people guaranteed!

Sounds good? Then participate in the draw by sending an e-mail to with the Subject "Easter Draw" and three reasons, why you are the right person to win the ticket.

The draw will be open until Monday, 2 April. We'll announce the winners on Tuesday, 3 April per E-Mail.