Workend Les Diablerets 2019

At euforia we love to combine work and fun. This is why we organize what we call the workend. The duration of the workend varies between a week and a few days. It’s the time of the year where the team gets together in a physical space in nature to collaborate, to discuss, aaand of course celebrate being together!

The workend is also the time, where we invite close partners to get to know the team more, and to establish our partnerships even further. This winter for example, we were happy to have Luc and Lolly from the Constellation with us with whom we have created community imp!act, as well as Giordano from SINGA. Our next collaboration with them will be the facilitation of SINGA factory. With Robert from la Manivelle we organize our Share & Grow nights in Geneva. Annie from BeYouNetwork was also there. We support them with B Ø W I E, a gender projects incubator, which is launched with an adapted version of the imp!act event. Other than our partners, we also invite our volunt’heros to come to the workend -this time Anna and Mario joined us- because their input to our work is most precious to us.

As our whole team is distributed not only between Geneva and Zurich but also over Spain, Portugal, and France, for us the workend is essential to keep the team spirit alive, advance with our work, to reconnect with each other- or for our new team mates: finally meet the team in person - and to share our motivation on why we do what we do. In order to not have these few days overwhelming us all, the days are structured in a way that we all have free time, where we can either work individually, do sports, or go out in nature.

Thanks to all the people who joined us and made our last workend such a wonderful and enriching few days!