Welcome Géraldine!

Hi there!

My name is Géraldine and I’m one of euforia’s new unicorns! I had the great opportunity of joining the euforia team in March. I consider myself being very lucky to have discovered that amazing organisation and team which promotes the goodwill values and unleashes ideas that I share and want to spread as well.

My background is pretty much atypical but it defines my path and the way I see life well: a continuous and evolving adventure. I hold a Bachelor degree in French Literature and History, and a Master Degree in Policy and Public Management, which basically means that I’m comfortable with identifying figures of speech and the general understanding of the Swiss institutions (but not only!). I was raised by a Guatemalan mother, who provided me with a great open mindedness towards different people and cultures, speaking as much with my hands as with words and a strong sense of family (don’t you dare messing with my brother…(ever!)).

I love running and hiking! I’m actually preparing for two races for the upcoming month, the most important one being the Geneva Marathon. I also love getting to know other people and getting inspired by their lives and experiences in different fields around a nice cup of coffee or something stronger ;). I’m also always up for partying, going to music and film festivals and learning new things.

I care about environmental issues and am currently working on changing my consumption and general habits towards a more sustainable way of life. I also feel truly concerned about educational issues and its free access. In the long-term, I’m planning to contribute to projects that aim to provide access to school to disadvantaged children in Guatemala, specifically those involved with organized crime. I completely resonate with Victor Hugo’s quote: « Every school that is opened, closes one more prison » .

On a lighter tone, I love Virginie Despentes’s books, my favorite color is green, I’m planning parachuting this summer and I never moved on from Jack’s death in Titanic.

PS: Presenting myself is something that I’m not comfortable with at all. So writing down that text represents a real achievement! then please if you want to know me better do not text me! ;)