Welcome Camille!

Hi there,

My name is Camille! I was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland some years ago, and I grew up spending my time in Geneva – when I was not in the mountains fresh air or on my way to a new travelling destination. Having always been curious to discover new places, people and languages, after high school I decided to cross the Röstigraben for my studies and ended up in Zurich for a couple of years.

It’s during my time there that I got to know euforia through an imp!act event in 2015. During this few days, I discovered an amazing community, bubbling with energy and full of inspirational people, very cool interactive methodologies and principles and mostly how cool it is when people are empowered and can unleash their potential. Since that time, I got stuck with euforia and over the following years, I got the chance as a volunteer to learn a ton of new cool things, to spend hours on organising calls and in that process, I discovered a passion for planning and organisation - and the fact that I really don’t mind spending hours re-organizing a Drive or putting bright colours on every document on the list! ☺

Apart from euforia, the things that put a smile on my face mostly include being outdoors, doing sports (particularly the ones with a stick or a board), learning new things, being surrounded by people that make me laugh, mountains, sunsets and waves, as well as food, a cold beer and getting lost in very long talks.

I am very happy and grateful to join the team now and looking forward to spread euforia’s magic in the German part of Switzerland, with many cool events that empower each and every one to unleash their full potential with the aim of co-creating a more sustainable, fair and open world!