Share & Grow nights taking over the German-speaking part of Switzerland!

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Winter is (almost) over, flowers and birds are announcing the warm days and with the arrival of summer, euforia also has some good news: we are back in Bern! From June on, our German-speaking Share & Grow evenings will not only take place in Zurich, but also in the Swiss capital city. Our first events are already planned, check them out here.

But that’s not all: in both Swiss german cities, our Share & Grow will now happen on a regular monthly basis. Join us *every first Wednesday of the month in Bern* and *every last Wednesday of the month in Zurich* to meet other changemakers, exchange new ideas and discover new topics… we are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Share, exchange & connect: as our changemakers network is filled with people who have all kinds of talents, we organize regular Share & Grow nights, which are events that create a space for people in our community to share and exchange some of their inspiration with others. It should be an open, flexible and interactive place where all members of the euforia community can sign up to share their knowledge and skills, get input on methods, topics and projects and try out new ideas in a "safe space". If you are interested in organising one yourself, don’t hesitate to contact Clara (Züri) or Camille (Bern) or put your event directly on our sign up form and we will get back to you!

Much love from the German-speaking team! 😌🤩