Welcome Alizé


I am Alizé. I come from Morges, a little city next to the lac Léman (Geneva lake) which is the most beautiful lake in the world for me. I love it so much that I couldn’t imagine living without it anymore. I studied human environmental science as a Bachelor's degree and Sustainability as a Master's degree so I became very concerned by the environmental issues we are facing and want to act to change them! That's why I think alternative education is the future to provide awareness to the young generation of these issues and give them the power to change them. Imp!act is one of the solutions to unleash the potential of the young generation and help them become Changemakers and take action for a more sustainable world.

Concerning myself, I love discovering new places, learn new stuff, make new things and meet new people. I’m definitely curious and a social human being who could live outside (especially when there is the sun out). Love everything that makes my body move, all kind of sports or activities. Recently I fell in love with acroyoga that i find absolutely challenging and aesthetic. Oh ,and obviously I love hiking and biking everywhere with my beautiful red bike.

I discovered euforia randomly through a common friend one day, got the chance to know it better, then became more and more interested in it after a couple of dates. Finally, I fell in love with it. I could say it’s a kind of love story.

My motto for a sustainable way of living is « less is better », so I would apply it to the end of this text and just say that I'm happy to be part of the euforia Team !!!