BE YOU NETWORK and (r)evolution lab: Organize an imp!act+ on Gender and LGBTI topics

We are very happy to join forces for the next (r)evolution lab cycle with our partner organization Be You Network. Together we want to give the opportunity to volunteers to organize imp!act+ events with a special focus on Gender and LGBTI topics.

(r)evolution lab is growing and testing new waters. For the upcoming programme cycle in the German and French language region of Switzerland, we are collaborating with BE YOU NETWORK, the community of people who take action so that gender norms no longer define who you are, who you can love and what you can accomplish. More than 100’000 people and organizations have joined the community in Switzerland and abroad.

What does this concretely mean for our (r)evolution lab participants?
The structure and content of the (r)evolution lab programme will be the exact same for all participants. The difference will be in the imp!act teams: depending on your interests, you can choose between a team who organises an imp!act around social and environmental topics OR you join the imp!act+ team which will put a specific focus on Gender and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) projects.

Are you willing to explore this new journey with us? Then join the next (r)evolution lab cycle in the Deutschschweiz or Romandie. The next programme cycle starts in September 2018 and is spread over six months, finishing with your imp!act or imp!act+ event in spring 2019:

Weekend 1 — Project kick-off (14 - 16 September 2018): Teambuilding, project management, roles, inclusion

Evening gatherings (Between October and January): 3 evenings on different topics (logistics, finances, outreach, etc.). The dates will be defined with the teams on the first weekend.

Weekend 2 — Facilitation & Programme Weekend (12 - 13 January 2019): Facilitation and programme design

More information and sign-up here.