(r)evolution lab and The Unleash Project — New ways of empowering youth, young leaders and organizations


We believe that the world needs more people who come together to design bold solutions to address the challenges of this increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. We also believe that our current education system is outdated and does not provide us with the kind of skills and attitude required to assume leadership and create innovative solutions. We think it is high time to mainstream new ways of learning, working and innovating that are adapted to the challenges our economy, society and environment face in the 21st century.


(r)evolution lab and The Unleash Project tackle these challenges: two open source, transformative and experience­ driven education programmes provide a platform for young people, executives and organizations to collaborate across generations and sectors. (r)evolution lab empowers participants to acquire professional skills in order to lead an imp!act event where youths discover their potential to turn ideas and passions into real life projects. The Unleash Project, on the other hand, focuses on equipping young people to shape their own meaningful careers together with executives, companies and partner organizations.

Not sure which programme is the right one for you? — Let us explain them in a nutshell:


(r)evolution lab – organize your own imp!act event

(r)evolution lab is a training program for (un)reasonably motivated young pioneers. In this experiential learning journey you will learn, share and above all experiment a wide range of skills and knowledge highly valued in any professional context: team and project management, facilitation, leadership, training design and wellbeing strategies. Equipped with these tools and skills, you can lead your own imp!act event from building your team to facilitating the event, empowering youth in their city to embrace their changemaker potential.

>>> To join the (r)evolution lab, it is highly recommended that you have participated in an imp!act event and are willing to share this experience by co-organizing your own imp!act – including the organization, team management, recruitment of participants, funding and facilitation of the event.


The Unleash Project – from career to vocation

The Unleash Project is a transformative education program that empowers youth, executives and organizations to embrace the emerging era of digitalization, knowledge, innovation and purpose. It provides future and present decision­makers with the experience, tools and mindset it takes to move from careers to vocation: where they live their values, do what they are passionate about and use their key strengths to address needs they truly care about in the world.

You learn through experience how to co-­create trustful, open and empowering work environments and foster the emergence of purpose and innovation at your workplace. You will benefit from peer support and learning groups, coaching and inspiration by your peers, executives and leading experts in the area of the future of work

>>> To join The Unleash Project, you either have completed (r)evolution lab, the former “euforia training programme eTP” or already have experiences in Project Management and/or Facilitation and are ready to shape your own meaningful career.


Both projects start in November 2016. Applications are open now:
(r)evolution lab
The Unleash Project