Your transformative event-bootcamp!


We’re looking for (un)reasonably motivated pioneers who want to join the (r)evolutionlab and co-shape an unprecedented movement by spreading transformative events all over Switzerland.


You sense that the world needs more meaningful spaces where people gather, exchange, dream, prototype and change themselves and their world together?

You are motivated to unveil the potential in your university, company or city by organizing and facilitating an imp!act, step into action or a transformative event of your own design?
Then the (r)evolutionlab is made for you!


The (r)evolutionlab is an innovative and experiential bootcamp that accompanies and prepares you together with like-minded people for organising and facilitating a transformative event: imp!act or step into action or your own transformative event. During two training weekends you will experience, share and apply key attitudes, skills and knowledge to create a transformative event, including teambuilding and project management, leadership, program design, facilitation and wellbeing strategies.


You'll also directly experience an innovative working culture based on co-creation, safe space, radical collaboration, stretching boundaries, and daring to try (and fail). At the (r)evolutionlab you'll dive into euforia's award-winning methodology to unleash your own and others changemaker potential.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man” — George Bernard Shaw

How does the (r)evolutionlab work?


You can now join the (r)evolutionlab autumn cycle (see below).

As the weekends are designed to accompany you in the creation of your transformative event and build on each other, we strongly advise you to participate in both weekends.

22-24 September (Zürich) — Project Kick-Off Weekend:
Build your team, create your project management and
learn the basics about programme creation.

3-5 November (Bern) — Facilitation & Programme Weekend:
Learn & practice facilitation & refine your programme.

The next cycle (spring cycle) will take place on 2-4 February 2018 and 6-8 April 2018


How to join the (r)evolutionlab

  • Have your experienced a transformative event (euforia or other) and get goosebumps when thinking about the potential of such an event in your company, city or neighbourhood?
  • Are you a young professional or student, ideally 18-36 years old?
  • Do you share euforia’s values and vision?
  • Do you (somehow) speak English so as to be able to fully participate to the trainings?
  • In case you choose to create your own event (not imp!act or step into action) we ask you to already sign up with a team of at the very least 2 - it’s the power of a team that makes an event great (for imp!act and step into action we will create teams at the first weekend).



We have a tiered, cost-based pricing model:

  • 550 CHF : Giver’s Price — Choose this price if you consider to dispose of more money than an average student in Switzerland. You will thus help young people with low revenues (subsidized price & scholarships) to participate.
  • 350 CHF: Cost-Coverage Price — Choose this price if you consider to dispose of about as much money as the average student in Switzerland. This price helps us to cover the costs of the programme.
  • 150 CHF: Subsidized Price — Choose this price if you consider that you dispose of less money than the average student in Switzerland. This price doesn’t allow us to cover the costs of the programme, you will indirectly be subsidized by others.

    Scholarships: If you are in a situation of particular hardship that wouldn’t allow you to participate with the subsidized pricing, please contact us here with an explanation of your motivation and situation.

Join the (r)evolutionlab and let us create a better tomorrow!


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