The (r)evolutionlab – training future changemakers. 


We’re looking for (un)reasonably motivated young pioneers who want to join the (r)evolutionLab and help us co-create an unprecedented international movement by spreading the euforia virus.

You are eager to experiment, share and learn how to lead imp!act? You are (un)reasonably motivated to unlock the changemaking potential of 10 million people by 2020? Then the (r)evolution lab is made for you.

The (r)evolutionLab is a space that is perpetually co-created with you and for you, where you can connect with like-minded people for an innovative and experiential learning journey towards organising your own imp!act event. During this training you will share, boost and test a set of professionally valued skills and know-how's, including teamwork and project management, leadership, facilitation, and wellbeing strategies. You'll also experience an innovative working culture based on co-creation, radical collaboration, pushing boundaries, and daring to try (and fail). At the (r)evolutionLab you'll dive into euforia's award-winning methodology to unleash your own and others´  changemaker potential.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man”
— George Bernard Shaw

How does the (r)evolutionLab work? 


You can join the (r)evolutionLab in either May or November each year. The programme lasts 6 months and is broken down in 4 training weekends. Each training weekend focuses around specific skills you need to successfully organise imp!act, that's why you need to participate to the full programme in order to organise imp!act in your city.

During the first training weekend you will build your team, based on the city you want to organise imp!act in, and start working right away. During weekends 1, 2 and 3 you will get the knowledge and develop and practise the skills you need to organise imp!act. You'll also experience the euforia spirit and working culture. Weekend 4 takes place right after you've organised imp!act event and you'll debrief your experience together with imp!act teams from different cities.

During most of your training weekends you'll meet The Unleash Project participants for more sharing and learning.

November 2016 start outline

25 – 27 November: General Lab weekend - build your imp!act team and learn everything about euforia and imp!act (start with a Share and Grow night)

3 – 5 February: Project Management Lab weekend - develop, share and experiment outreach, logistics and finances skills (start with a Share and Grow night)

10 – 12 March: Facilitation Lab weekend - learn share and experiment the best facilitation tips at imp!act and beyond (start with a Share and Grow night)

April – May: imp!act events

12 – 13 May: Debriefing and jumping into The Unleash project (optional)

Some trainings will take place in Berne and some in Romandie.

All along your RevLab journey you will get acquainted with wellbeing strategies to make use of with your imp!act team, and to keep rest of your life.

How to join the (r)evolutionLab


  • Are you a motivated and enthusiastic team player between 18 and 30 (+/-)?
  • Do youshare euforia’s values and vision?
  • Are you solution-oriented, eager to take on responsibility and do you praise working with like-minded youths from different backgrounds?
  • Have you participated in an imp!act event?
  • Do you (somehow) speak English so as to be able to fully participate to the trainings?

Participation fee: 260 CHF*

*Scholarship: If you’re not able to pay the participation fee, don’t hesitate to contact us to
apply for a scholarship at

And what happens after?


Your euforia journey need not end. Check out the The Unleash Project – with it come many opportunities from euforia and its like-minded partners.

For any questions please contact


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