The event season is coming!

Sunshine, icecream, beachvolleyball and barbecues… summer continues and everybody is enjoying a well deserved break! But at euforia, summer also rhymes with the preparation of our busy event season.

And preparation is well underway: between a swim in the Limmat and the Aare, we have finalised the schedule for the next changemakers events in the German-speaking part and are really looking forward to seeing you to one (or more!) of the exciting trainings and events - there is something for everyone! 

For curious changemakers - The Unleash Project, 28-29th September, Zürich:


Become a transformative leader!

Do you want to develop your leadership potential and wish to explore ways to apply it in your life and context? To exchange perspectives with unlikely collaborators coming from different cultural, societal and professional backgrounds and experience connection on a deeper level? To explore innovative tools and approaches for personal, team and cultural development?

Join us for the next Unleash Project and become part of the euforia community of likeminded, inspiring changemakers. More information here: 

For eager learners - the (r)evolution lab, 8-10th October, Zürich:

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Your imp!act bootcamp!

Do you want to learn and experiment a wide range of highly professionally valued skills and knowledge (team building, project and team management, programme design, facilitation, fundraising, financial management) while setting up and organising an imp!act event in your city? You would like to create a unique experience for yourself and other young people towards their way to Social Entrepreneurship? And to experience whole-person, inclusive, human-centered and experiential methods?

Then join us for the next (r)evolution lab event and help organise an imp!act event: 

And if you haven’t taken part in one yet… for project-oriented changemakers - imp!act events: 

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Do you want to make a difference and don't know where to start? Have a project idea but lack the confidence or team to turn it into reality? Want to contribute to solving an environmental or societal challenge?

Come from the 11th-14th of September in Zürich to the next imp!act workshop to meet linkeminded youngsters and work to develop your own societal or environmental project: 

For a one-time engagement - S&G nights: 


Share, exchange and connect

Join us for a couple of hours in the evening in an open, flexible and interactive place where all members of the euforia community can sign up to share their knowledge and skills, get input on ideas and projects, and try out new ideas in a "safe space".

What do you really want to do with your life?? Join us at our next S&G to help define your vision: 

… we are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Much love from the German-speaking team! 😌🤩

For more information on events in Suisse romande: