Welcome Sonia!


Hello everyone, I am Sonia! I am 27 years old and was born in France, near Paris.

I have always loved traveling as my parents are Spanish and since I was a child, we would always go to Spain to spend all our holidays. When I grew up, I decided to study a Master in Controlling and I had the opportunity to travel in Sweden for my Erasmus, in London for an internship as well as in Brussels for my last year internship. When I was in Sweden, I spent most of my time traveling around Sweden and abroad, for example in Norway, Finland, and Estonia. I had the chance to visit Lapland and to do some dogsledding, snowmobile and even jump into frozen water inside a sauna. Unfortunately, I missed the northern lights and I am desperate to go back to be able to see some!  

Then, after my experience in Brussels, I quit everything in order to move to Switzerland and start working for international companies in the private sector in controlling and supply chain. After a while, I became vegetarian as I always loved animals and I was also very sensitive about the environment. I lived most of the time with one or two dogs, a turtle and a rabbit at my parent's home.

In 2017 I could not stand to work for a company that did not share my values and I decided to follow my passion and my dreams. I constantly felt that I could be more useful in our world. This is why I looked for a job at a non-profit organization and when I found euforia, this was the perfect opportunity! Euforia is my dream organization as it has a real impact in the world, it helps finding great solutions to our current challenges and share my values.