Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #29

  • My Green Trip - Summer Plogging in Geneva
    Are you an athletic nature lover ? Do you want to keep fit this Summer while doing something good for our planet? Are you curious and want to join a fun activity on a sunny Sunday? Join us on Sunday 29 July for the first ever Plogging organized by My Green Trip in Geneva! Plogging comes from the Swedish word “plocka up” (pick-up) and “jogging”. Got it now? The concept is to jog while picking up trash on your way. Don’t hesitate, put your sneakers on and join us on the 29th July! :) For more info click here, for registration here.

  • Alternatiba Léman - tour Alternatiba Genève
    Le désormais fameux Tour Alternatiba fait étape à Genève le dimanche 19 août 2018. Les cyclistes partent de Saint-Genis-Pouilly (FR) dans l’après-midi, pour arriver à Genève! A cette occasion, PRO VÉLO Genève, Alternatiba Léman et Collectif Breakfree Suisse organisent l'accueil du Tour au Parc des Cropettes, avec de nombreuses animations, ainsi qu'une parade à vélo! Programme complet sur le site.

  • SCI International - EVS position
    European Voluntary Service (EVS) position for Swiss residents available at the international secretariat of SCI International in Antwerp, Belgium! From Sept 2018 - Sept 2019 you will assist SCI with communication/fundraising tasks and the coordination of the Building Bridges campaign and gain a lot of experience of working in an international NGO! Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to us at SCI Switzerland. 

  • Summer Expedition for Transformative Leadership
    “How best do I respond to the challenges I see around me to create a positive impact on the world? How can I inspire others to do the same?" These and more questions we'll explore from August 15 - 18th in the Summer Expedition for Transformative Leadership. Join us and our partner organization SERES from Guatemala – last chance to apply!