Theatre and Music project with asylum-seeking kids in Lucerne, 1 - 15 Octobre 2017

>>> Volunteering opportunity by SCI Switzerland

SCI organizes a theatre week for kids from refugee centers around Lucerne together with children living in Lucerne. The aim of this integrative project is to give the possibility to kids from refugee centers to have a rich exchange of experiences with local kids and to improve their German language skills in a creative context. This will be accomplished with a mix of theatre playing, music and games. At the end of the week (Saturday afternoon), there will be a presentation of the work. Up to 30 kids between 8 and 13 years old will participate in the project.

Type of Work: In the preparation week (the first week of the workcamp), volunteers will receive an introduction to migration issues, theatre playing and animation with children and will prepare the activities for the second week together with a theatre expert and a music pedagogue. During the second project week, volunteers will organize games and other activities for kids, accompany them from the refugee centers to the city and back, participate in the theatre sessions / music workshops and support the kids as well as the art expert with their help. A group of volunteers will cook lunch for the group. At lunch time some local volunteers help looking after the kids, so you can recover a bit.

Study Theme: During the first week, you will have introductions and discussions on relevant issues such as migration and asylum in Switzerland and on peace work. This theoretical knowledge will be helpful for the concrete work with the children in the second week.

Accommodation: Simple accommodation with provided mattresses. Warm sleeping bag needed. One shower and toilet facilities are available in a separate building right next to the sleeping facility. There is a well equipped kitchen where you can prepare together with the other SCI volunteers your own meals with a provided budget.

Language: The camp language is English. However knowing some German is very helpful, since most kids from the refugee centers probably don’t speak English but some do speak some German. Local language is Swiss-German.

Requirements: Have interest in migration and intercultural issues, taking responsibility when working with kids, be creative, like cooking and participate in daily life.

Please send us your separate motivation letter and explain why you are interested in participating in this workcamp. If you already have some experience in working with kids, theatre, music or dance, please mention it.

Approximate Location: Luzern