Welcome to the NEWforia


Holy Journey! The reinventing euforia process comes to an end, laying out new opportunities for the Community and the future of euforia. Often described as a "roller coaster ride of feelings", the Journey was a beautiful and tough process, with ups and downs, where we tried to build a more collaborative and sustainable future for euforia.

We knew it wouldn't be easy because by "reinventing" we meant questioning and looking for ways to improve the way we do our work. And these new solutions needed to be a good match "for me, us & the world". Titanic task. But we did it and we're happy to implement the "newnewnewforia" from July on.

We're especially excited about one of the main outcomes, the creation of The Marketplace, an opportunity for the euforic community of volunteers and friends to implement new projects at euforia. In the past, we opened our programmes to let individuals worldwide organise imp!act or step in their cities. This time we're pushing the boundaries of collaboration to let our community bring in their ideas and develop their own projects. If you want to know more about it, Sidsel prepared this video and she's looking forward to your feedback regarding our new concept (please send any comments, thoughts or requests etc. to sidsel@euforia.ch).

As Elodie said it very well, we can all be euforia-preneurs and bring the euforia spirit to many different areas. If I can name one thing that makes us special, it is the capacity to live our values. I believe this is a beautiful way to honour our 10th anniversary and celebrate what has been the spirit of euforia since the very beginning: a safe playground to empower people to become changemakers.


Javier, Chief Culture Officer