Become a changemaker

Do you want to make a difference and don't know where to start? Have an idea but lack the confidence or some team to turn it into reality? Want to contribute to solving an environmental or social challenge?

At imp!act you'll get together with enthusiastic young people and create inspirational ideas and projects to address global challenges locally. You'll find out how to get involved with an existing organisation or develop your own social or environmental project, and then you'll set out to test it right away. You'll also have the chance to meet and get feedback from renowned experts in your community — all of that in only 3.5 days:

Day 1 — Inspiration: Meet the changemakers, who have found a way to tackle global challenges in your city or have started their own projects. Then, you will discuss and exchange ideas with all participants.

Day 2 — Release your creativity: Brainstorm your interests, passions, strengths and transform them into project ideas. Pitch your new ideas, find a team and start realizing the projects right away.

Day 3 — Reality check: With your team, you set out to test your ideas right away, for example by organizing a first short and spontaneous campaign, by interviewing passersby’s or by meeting potential partners.

Day 4 — Make your project take off: Get feedback by experts and finalize your project. In the afternoon, you will pitch this very project to a jury who will counsel you on how to continue after imp!act - if you wish to do so. Finally, it’s time to celebrate all those achievements!


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