Hi there, Martina!

Martina recently joined our outreach team. She tells us a little bit about herself.

A passionate traveller who loves to go international and -cultural but who eventually ends up in her little valley again where the fox and the hare bid each other goodnight – that’s me, Martina. I got to know euforia “by accident”: I passed some jobless months last autumn and one day, surfing aimlessly on Facebook, I caught sight of imp!act Bern. I participated and enjoyed the four days with likeminded people and a great positive and inspiring energy. Two months later, I found myself in Zurich as new intern on the outreach team.

I love elephants, broccoli, Spain, skiing, mountains, sailboats (although I unfortunately can’t go sailing because I get seasick), red wine, books, cool lakes, children, snow, live concerts, coffee, beaches, The Big Bang Theory, languages, hiking, strawberries, Sunday’s “Tatort”, South America, Alpine ibex, tents, documentaries, sun, humor, cooking and one or two things more.

I have only few claims to the organization I work for: it should be innovative, creative, sensitive, dynamic, social, ethical, ecological, multicultural, inspirational, moral, meaningful, humorous, gorgeous, fabulous, funky, fancy, solidary, trustworthy and splendid. Ah yeah, it is essential that it has a terrific name. After my first four weeks on my job I dare to say that euforia comes dangerously close to these requests.

As the new Happy News Heralder, I’m delighted to join and support the outreach team and excited about my new tasks, teammates and projects.