Get to know Magdalena, euforia's very own Director of Marketing and Communication

Welcome, Magdalena (officially)! You have accepted the challenge to present yourself in 2 minutes, so here goes:

MBA – I hold one from St. Gallen University (HSG) – an amazing experience with a class of 40 people with 25 nationalities learning from each other and evolving life long friendships. My parents thought friends are the family one chooses. …One of these friends is now the father of my son…;P

André is my partner in crime, the father of my son, the craziest person I know, and also the most reliable one. We laugh lots with and about each other and try to look at life from the sunny side. I love to discuss politics and economics with him and also enjoy doing sports together – currently Emil is our sport!

German or Austrian? I have an Austrian passport, but grew up in Germany, and am opportunistic about it. If we talk skiing, I feel very Austrian and even believe Germans can't ski…;P With regards to football, it's vice versa. However, I lived, studied and worked in many different countries and consider myself a World Citizen.

Denglish - besides talking like a waterfall, I do tend to insert many English expressions into my German, which drives my Dad crazy. It's one of those mistakes I steadily try to advance on. But life would be boring without the daily challenge of being a better and wiser person, right?! There are days where we succeed and oooopses!

Age ain’t nothing but a number – besides the fact that I have two degrees, worked 8 years in corporates (in 3 countries), founded 2 companies (in Berlin & Zurich), I also could be 18 ;P Emil is the best excuse for living out my inner child, moreover it’s magic to rediscover the beauty of our world through a child’s eyes.

Luigi Bocconi University – here I received my Bachelor in Economics and Management of Arts, Culture and Communication. And here is also, where I started with my motto of work hard and play hard - keeps running through my life ever since. Also, I love Italian cuisine and mentality: no matter if it’s la dolce vita or la dolce far niente!

Emil is our world – an absolute life changer. He enriches and fills our lives with joy. Thanks to euforia's working culture and the team, the two of us come in a double pack. Emil e.g. enjoys our strategy meetings in the mountains and I am the happiest person alive, because I can live up to my expectations and be a great Mompreneur!

Now or never – we started tackling our outreach challenges and are in a major restructuring and rebranding process. Hence, can’t wait to receive your feedback. If you want to comment/amend/discuss anything with regards to euforia marketing, pls contact me. I look forward to many co-creation processes and radical collaboration! ☺

Art of Living – I love wining and dining, but also dancing and partying. My best times were always with my family and friends around a big table with great food and music. I enjoy seaside and mountains equally, either surfing in the waves or skiing down the slopes. Nature is where I feel home and relax.

LG, Magdalena