(r)evolution lab: The first Main Training weekend in Bern

After almost a year of online meetings, co-creation sessions and reflections, the first training weekend of euforia's new (r)evolution lab eventually took place.

The (r)evolution lab was conceived on the same idea as the former eTP (euforia Training Programme), namely empowering youths to organise their own imp!act event. However, the new programme has more to offer than project management and facilitation session; it fosters participants’ personal development and wellbeing management. The new (r)evolution lab also aimed at going beyond imp!act and fully integrating STEP into action. Through our well-established “train-the-trainers” approach, STEP into action volunteers are empowered to scale our large-scale event targeting high-school pupils.

On 25 November twelve participants from across Switzerland attended the very first (r)evolution lab training weekend. After introductory sessions, team building activities and a short presentation of the imp!act and STEP into action programme flows, participants got involved in practical workshops and built their city teams. We can already look forward to three teams organising imp!act in Geneva, St. Gallen and Zurich in spring, and two teams getting started for STEP into Action 2017 to take place in Bern and Geneva next fall.

After this first training weekend, participants will put their learnings into practice and continue working together. They will meet again for two in-person trainings on personal development and outreach (3-5 February) and on facilitation (10-12 March).

If you couldn’t attend the first training but feel intrigued and would like to step in, please get in touch! imp!act teams Geneva and Zurich are still looking for motivated team members. Email revolutionlab@euforia.ch to know more.