Welcome Oli

Hi everyone !

My name is Oli. I was born in Bülach, a city near Zurich, and grew up in Hitzkirch, a small village near Lucerne. My love for the mountains was nourished when my parents put me on skis as a three year old kid. Now, I love spending my time in the Grisons mountains skiing and being outdoor in the nature. I studied communications, movie science and philosophy and spent most of my professional career in the education industry.

Born in 1973 and therefore more aged than most euforians, I am used to traditional business, sales and marketing in hierarchical companies. Being self-employed since 2011, it was in 2017 when I was privileged to be part of a fundamental change in an organisation. My customer chose me as scout and way paver. When I experienced the growing of my collaborators and the joy and growth my own role was giving me, I knew this is where I want to put my energy into.

“Building Bridges" is my passion at euforia since I was honored to be part of the team in March 2019. My contribution: listening, asking questions, being curious, revealing and rearranging patterns. I try to design my workshops as safe spaces for exploring meaning and reinventing collaboration for humans in organizations.

For me, "trust" is the new currency for companies, be it in terms of collaboration or communication, internally or externally. As human beings we are striving for inclusion, contribution, impact and wholeness. I want to be a changemaker in the way we shape our businesses, how we measure success and what new values we want to bring to life.

Beside my euforia engagement I advise companies with my own communication company in the use of digital content. I am a member of matibi where we support a local zimbabwean community to run a hospital, to develop permaculture gardens and to create places for self-organised learning. I share my experiences in lectures, in blog posts, in seminars, in-house workshops and on social media. I am cheered by intense dialogue and joint research about #NewWaysOfWorking.

So happy to be part of euforia, to learn and grow together and to really make a purposeful impact to this world.

Conact me: oliver@euforia.org

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