Welcome back Nico!

Dear all!

My name is Nicoletta - or Nico, as almost everyone calls me ! Being both Argentinian and Swiss, I decided to answer to some identity questions by coming to Switzerland after having lived all my life in beautiful Buenos Aires. I have always been interested in seeing and learning about how different people think and act, and found that amazing people can be found in every single corner of the world =) . I am curious to know in how far and through which mechanisms we manage to make (at least small!) changes in the world, and passionate about how digitalisation can help solve societal problems. I am a firm believer of equality and the intrinsic power of diversity - which can be food for thought for personal growth, within teams and for society in general. Some papers show that I finished degrees in Political Science, Gender and Public Administration. But what these do not show is the positive energy and enthusiasm I can bring to a team.

My love story with euforia began a while ago. We organised the first imp!act in Lausanne back in 2015, and then I continued the volunteer's path to show other junior facilitators how to organise such an event. I then got the chance of being part of the Impact Career Academy, through which I got into euforia's evaluation team, in the beginning as an impact booster, then further as an eval-ninja. Under the motto “make evaluations sexy”, in euforia we promote the use of evaluation results by making the content as appealing as possible for and by revealing its value to all our colleagues. After a short one-year break I am now back! This time as part of the FunRaising team. What I love most from working in this organisation is always being challenged to think outside the box into pure authenticity and with the need to create actual changemaking.

I am looking forward to being back and to continue helping changemakers to meet their full potential...