Radical Collaboration® - Our double Feature of Radical Intensity

Last week we had not only one but even two Radical Collaboration trainings! One took place in English in Zürich and was co-hosted by our partner Collaboratio Helvetica. The other training took place  in the French part of Switzerland in Lugnorre. 

We addressed the importance of high trust relationships, strategies to communicate and negotiate better, and how to resolve conflict. The underlying point is not to simply look at how we can get out of a conflict but to understand how we got there in the first place, and to understand our own reactions towards it and how to manage it well. The training were three super intense days filled with (self-) reflection, new tools, but of course tons of fun and laughter. 

For those of you who do not know what Radical Collaboration is, it is a methodology for building high-trust relationships at work in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation, and agility. Today nobody succeeds alone. You must have the skills to build relationships and to form alliances. This is true in everyday situations between individuals as well as between project teams, departments, companies, and organizations.