Welcome Lucas!


Grützi everyone! My name is Lucas, but friends also call me Lupo. I am 27 years old and I was born in Cologne in Germany. I would describe myself as an analytical thinker, as I love structure, numbers and finding the so called “facts”, but I also have a strong connection with my heart and values ;) My energy is driven and turbulent when motivated to reach goals and grounded in times of contemplation and rest. Also, I am an outgoing and open-minded person who is interested in meeting people from heart to heart. 

I love exploring the world and seeing all its different beautiful places. It became clear to me that I wanted to do something so that it stays this beautiful. Thus, I decided to study Energy- and Environmental Technologies in Hamburg in order to work in the field of renewable Energy in the future. 

Well to be honest the engineering studies at a conservative university did not really drive my passion. I escaped to go surfing with friends as often as I could. Also, green energy is just not enough to bring a sustainable change, because it is us who really have to reinvent the way we live on this planet.

After my bachelor thesis I took another journey of 8 months to South America to learn Spanish, but mostly to find my purpose again and to learn how to decelerate life and let things fall into place naturally and it worked quite well. I am usually late now and before working there is always time for chats and food ;) By the way the photo was taken in one of the driest spots on Earth, the Atacama dessert. In the rare event of rain it starts blossoming and showing sheer endless patches of flowers.

My Master’s degree in International Management and Engineering is almost finished. The subjects of Project Management and Marketing gave me the opportunity to get to know more proactive topics and to keep in mind the most important factor for me - the people. Recently my best friend told me about euforia and what it stands for. It strongly resonated with my heart and I put all my intentions towards starting an internship here. Really, I was super euforic and I saw it as my escape route out of engineering. Luckily my wishes were heard and a new exciting chapter with this amazing team of changemakers and visionaries has started. I can’t wait to contribute with you!