Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #39

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  • euforia - give a voice to our community
    We are looking for a creative mastermind who wants to take on a 2 months Project Assignment (40%) to give our community of volunt’heros a voice, through images, films, and graphics. Here for more detail and here to contact us.

  • SINGA Genève - Paid internship
    SINGA Geneva is looking for a resourceful and dynamic intern, with strong communication skills, an interest in entrepreneurship, and the desire to contribute to an inclusive and innovative society. The position offers a unique opportunity to actively shape the activities of a non-profit organization in its early stages, gain practical skills by independently managing projects, and expand your network by collaborating with a wide range of partners in the public and private sector. Apply now!

  • Productivity Day - Flow-Working training: the Art of Effortless, Highly-Focused Workdays
    Are you as effective and focused as you would like to be? The ability to get into Flowstates is a super-power. Flow is a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It is our optimal state of focus, performance and happiness. We become undistractable. Compared to ordinary states of mind, in Flow our brain’s creativity increases by 2x, productivity by 5x, while feeling calm and relaxed (McKinsey research) - even if you already are a high achiever. In this 1-day training, you will learn to enter Deep Focus and Flowstates systematically, based on brain science. Workshop = 4 hrs. You will not have to lose a day of work, as you will practice the method while getting your own work done for 2 hrs (about equivalent to an 8hr regular workday). Bring your laptop/ work. We also include some movement, stretching and meditation (30min total). For all brain-workers, professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives. Sign-up here.

  • euforia - imp!act HSG
    Möchtest du in die Rolle eines Dozierenden schlüpfen? Für die 5. Durchführung des imp!act Kurses an der HSG suchen wir erneut 1-2 euphorische Facilitators, die gemeinsam mit HSG Studierenden den Kurs "Social Business Prototyping - von der Idee zum Projekt" vom 5.-8.11 co-facilitaten. Voraussetzung ist, dass du bereits einen imp!act Event organisiert hast. Bist du interessiert, dann melde dich bitte bei Severin.

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