Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #30

  • Collaboratio Helvetica - What is regenerative travel?
    The Dialogue sessions by Collaboratio Helvetica are created in order to open up ways to talk about complex subjects that have no easy answers and yet must be discussed. This night will be about the issue of travelling and sustainability. Swiss travellers have the highest carbon footprint on the planet. We are expert travellers who are concerned to be socially fair and environmentally respectful. Are we to be blamed for our love and need to travel? How much can we care? This complex constellation of challenges seems unsolvable and yet, there are so many beautiful emergent possibilities that are to be seen around us. For more information and sign up see here.

  • My Green Trip - Summer Plogging in Geneva
    Are you an athletic nature lover ? Do you want to keep fit this Summer while doing something good for our planet? Are you curious and want to join a fun activity on a sunny Sunday? Join us on Sunday 29 July for the first ever Plogging organized by My Green Trip in Geneva! Plogging comes from the Swedish word “plocka up” (pick-up) and “jogging”. Got it now? The concept is to jog while picking up trash on your way. Don’t hesitate, put your sneakers on and join us on the 29th July! :) For more info click here, for registration here.

  • Alternatiba Léman - tour Alternatiba Genève
    Le désormais fameux Tour Alternatiba fait étape à Genève le dimanche 19 août 2018. Les cyclistes partent de Saint-Genis-Pouilly (FR) dans l’après-midi, pour arriver à Genève! A cette occasion, PRO VÉLO Genève, Alternatiba Léman et Collectif Breakfree Suisse organisent l'accueil du Tour au Parc des Cropettes, avec de nombreuses animations, ainsi qu'une parade à vélo! Programme complet sur le site.