Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #20

  • YOALIN - Travel sustainably for young people
    7 days of travel (alone or in a group of up to 4 people) by train in the ALPS (8 regions) for only 50 Euros/60Chf. What about discovering your region and your mountains in other countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) this summer? Application until the 20th May here.
  • Get a Global Perspective: Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management
    Our partner Amani Institute offers a special code for anyone from our network interested in applying to their award-winning Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management. It gives you the opportunity to gain a truly global perspective, deepen your work experience, grow your leadership and innovation skills with international experts and build a robust global network of changemakers in one of their locations in Kenya, India or Brazil. The program is 5 months online and 4 months on the ground - scholarship deadline for applications for their July classes is May 13th - simply use the code 'EUFORIA Applicant' in their application form. We are happy to connect and nominate you! You can also get in touch directly with their Global Community Director Geraldine Hepp.
  • A-maze: find your path to amaze yourself and others
    Embrace your wholeness. We are pleased to invite you to join this experience to explore our deepest sense of being through movement and creative expression. “A-maze” is a retreat, a way to find your path to amaze yourself and others. This is 4 days dedicated to your self-discovery and (re)connect body-mind-spirit-emotions to gain clarity, expand awareness and dare to BE yourself. This experiential learning journey will lead you to find your own way to express yourself and embrace your wholeness. Awake some dormant facets and flavours of your life during this inner exploration. The retreat will take place in Barcelona, Spain from 31.July - 03.August. For more information click here. To register click here
  • Preparation Seminar: Are you going abroad to volunteer?
    The SCI preparation seminar is for all of you who are interested in a volunteering project abroad, whether it is short-term or long-term! This 2-day-seminar will prepare you for your intercultural adventure with workshops about interculturality, conflict resolution, communication, etc. The seminar takes place the 23./24.June in Pfadiheim Inka, Aeschenbrunnmattstrasse, Bremgarten BE. Apply here
  • Stage - Coordinateur-trice du cours Cod'action Plaidoyer International
    Dans le cadre de son Cours annuel Cod'Action Plaidoyer International se déroulant à Genève, le Codap recherche actuellement un-e stagiaire à 80 %. La formation s’adresse à de jeunes militant-e-s de 15 à 30 ans, responsables d’un groupe ou d’une activité en relation avec les droits humains. Cod'action Plaidoyer International est une formation de 10 jours, accueillant des jeunes défenseurs-euses des droits humains du monde entier. Formation éminemment pratique, elle alterne ateliers, simulation de mécanismes onusiens, échanges d'expérience et rencontre avec des expert-e-s de la Genève internationale. Le-la stagiaire aura pour responsabilité de coordonner la réalisation de ce cours, notamment sur la plan logistique. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici