Welcome Rabea!


I am Rabea 33 years old, born in Jenin - Palestine, grew up in Jordan and I moved for work to Switzerland in 2011. If I have to describe myself in few words, I can say that I am a sociable person who loves meeting people from different cultures, ambitious, and I love traveling.

I got my BA and my first master degree from Jordan when I was working as an assistant branch manager for a  Jordanian bank. My experiences and strong network brought me to work for a Swiss financial company, where I learned a lot and enjoyed developing their businesses in the Middle-East.

Since the company closed its doors for financial reasons, I decided to follow my heart and work for a non-profitable organization. I joined the Heartbeat circle to meet the accountant's needs and to make sure that the financial data is well organized.

I always strive to be a positive changer anywhere and being a part of Euforia will help me to find this opportunity :-)