Building Walls - Breaking Walls - Youth Exchange between Switzerland, Israel, Palestine, Ireland, Northern Ireland


>>> Invitation from Verein Naturkultur

Last Minute Places for young adults from Switzerland
20-28 August 2017 - Swiss Mountains

Up in the Jura Mountains, right on the "Röstigraben" the border of the French and German part of Switzerland, young adults from 4 countries meet, to build a dry stone wall, and to bring down walls between the cultures.

People from the French and German part of Switzerland
Western and Eastern Jews from Israel
Muslims and Christians from Palestine
Protestants and Catholics from Ireland and Northern Ireland

Spend a week in a mountain hut. Cook traditions dishes from the four countries
Explore the mountain life through hiking, rope-climbing, cave-expeditions
Share culture traditions and conflict issues from their cultures
Explore and reflect their personal future.... and leave a strong landmark as symbold of their intercultural cooperation: A traditional stonewall on the edge of the cliffs

Be part of "Building Walls - Breaking Walls"

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