Self-Worth - Authentic Selling Workshop for idealists, changemakers & entrepreneurs


>>> Invitation by Steven Käser and euforia

What are you worth and why should people care about what you believe in? How can you develop true empathy, deliver value & inspire change? How can you position yourself in an authentic way without compromising your values?

It is not unusual to hear from idealists, changemakers & entrepreneurs that they are conflicted when it comes to selling. Others are looking for ways to consistently communicate their ideas in an effective manner.

„Self-Worth“ is a space to forge your mindset in a way that helps you to deliver you message with impact. „Self-Worth“ gives you a professional sales framework that fits to your style. "Self-Worth“ is a workshop format where you will be working on the level of your core beliefs.

I am passionate about this workshop because selling can be a powerful introspective process. A process that points towards an inner congruence within yourself and purposeful approach to your professional life.

Over the last 7 years I have developed and directed sales trainings all over Europe for clients in the Design, Banking and IT industry. I am happy to put everything I’ve learned into this new format directed at change makers, idealists & entrepreneurs.

Apply by 16th June
Participation fee is CHF 150
Follow-up workshop on 26th August