Get to know Karima


Carpe Diem - enjoy the present & live the life you love...

It’s my motto forever !!!! Enjoy every moment as if it was the last and without worrying about  tomorrow! So I follow my heart and build my life step by step, without plan or big (long term) project! Just me and my feelings!

I grew up in Paris where I did a mathematics’ bachelor degree. Then, I went to Marseille to do a Management and Communication Master, with sustainable development option!!! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I wanted to be useful and work with values.

I have always done what I’m passionate about whether it be doing animations for children age 3 to 17, creating/calculating carbon footprint and giving advice for SD, taking care of people with disabilities,  managing various teams or organizing projects and events.

Fun, Love & Smile!

I’ve traveled a lot, but always seek for more! I was a volunteer in India, danced salsa in Cuba, took english lessons in Dublin, ate vegan in Berlin, discover Sicily living in a  car and more!!!!

I’ve followed my heart and love brought me to Marseille where I lived for 6 years. I then went back to my family in Paris. Only 2 years ago, I discovered the mountains and Switzerland!

In Geneva, I’ve discovered euforia and the step into action project ! 2 volunteering years later, to develop the project I have become an employee for step Geneva :).  I am also happy to work  for euforia to help them with administration work!

12 moves and 9 years since I left my parents house, it means a lot of homes, lives, friends, experiences, life sortings and discoveries!!!

Take time & Relax...

This year I have decided to stay in the same place the longest possible! After 10 years of  madness and hard work, I choose to take time for myself, and work part-time. I’m lucky to be part of Euforia, where  finally the values I defend are present in my work.

Can’t wait to meet you euforic euforia community <3