Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day

The first ever Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day, A Public Expo Showcasing Innovative Solutions focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, will be held on March 24th in Geneva, Switzerland

Exhibitors displaying interactive installations that give the public a up close look at innovative solutions.

Workshops and Hackathons that bring together the diverse sectors and actors (social entrepreneurs, funders, international orgs, and NGOs, companies) to focus their effort on solving real problems and create new amazing viable solutions.

G3iD wants to unleash the amazing potential in Geneva coming from such a rich ecosystem of NGOs, International Organizations, Multinational Companies, Governments, and Entrepreneurs. What happens when the Geneva community harnesses our collective power, radically collaborating to accelerate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? That is one of the main questions G3iD will answer.

The Sustainable Development Goals, announced in November 2015 by the United Nations, created a set of 17 goals that include all countries and people to create a sustainable and viable world for the future of humankind.  These 17 goals were co-created and ratified by all UN member states and address big topics that the UN would like to solve by 2030.

G3iD, a Swiss association, founded in June 2016, comprises individuals from several organisations, many working in Innovation labs across Greater Geneva. Innovation labs are where revolutionary innovations and collaborative work takes place. With the SDG announcement of its goals for 2030 being set, a group immediately formed saying that 2030 wasn’t ambitious enough. The group hatched a plan to create an innovation day in Geneva that speed ups innovations to achieve the SDGs.

Come discover our Solutions Fair and Co-Creation factory on March 24th!
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