18 new Radical Collaboration® trainers in the euforia community and new trainings coming up soon!

We are happy to have a bunch of freshly certified Radical Collaboration®  trainers in our community and to offer the first trainings in and around Switzerland. Together with our Chief Euphoric Officer Chantal, who became a trainer one year ago, we are now 19 trainers – the only ones in Switzerland!

Jim Tamm, the creator of the Radical Collaboration® methodology, and the psychologist and Radical Collaboration® trainer Malou Laureys facilitated the seven-day Trainer Certification course for 18 euforians in Geneva. The course was a deep-dive into the topic with a lot of space for reflections and discussions. The two trainers gave a great example on how radically collaborating creates an atmosphere where people complement each other and can flexibly come up with new solutions. Jim and Malou were happy to have the chance to train Radical Collaboration® trainers in a new country and to open up opportunities for a new group of young participants.

The aim of euforians to become certified trainers is to create more training opportunities for people within and from outside of the community. From now on Radical Collaboration® trainings will be offered regularly. Check out the next trainings:


March 24th to 26th
(only 2 spots left!)

March 31st to April 2nd
(12 spots available)


More trainings will come up in May and in Summer. You will find more information soon in our calendar. If you would like to book a training for your organization, get in touch with us!


What contains the three-day Radical Collaboration® training?
The three-day, highly interactive Radical Collaboration training is designed to teach people five very practical and immediately useful skills essential to building collaborative relationships between individuals and within teams and organizations. It is appropriate for anyone whose circumstances have the potential for disharmony, misunderstandings and conflict, and who would like to improve their effectiveness. It is also particularly helpful for individuals responsible for creating more collaborative environments within a team or organization. It provides participants with step by step tools how to initiate, lead and reach closure in negotiations and how to build successful long-term relationships.