Radical Collaboration Training - Berlin 24-26 March 2017


In times of increasing complexity and constant change, collaboration skills are no longer a nice to have. They have become a vital asset both for individuals and for organizations.

Radical Collaboration teaches practical methods to significantly improve your skills for building collaborative relationships. These skills can be learned quickly and easily by any individual. Once individuals possess the necessary collaborative skills, we can create teams and organisations where collaboration thrives.

This approach has been used by many large institutions across the world, invites you to understand yourself better, to check your assumptions about other people, and to transform your relationships by taking them from the Red Zone to the Green Zone.

This training is for YOU if you:

  • Want to make a personal commitment to seek mutual gains in your relationships
  • Want to be able to create an atmosphere where people feel safe to tell their truth
  • Want to take responsibility for the full range of choices you make
  • Want to know yourself deeply and deal with difficult (inter-)personal issues
  • Want to skillfully negotiate your way through inevitable conflict

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