Collaborating with Generation Y: Building 21st century organizational cultures

Globalisation and digitisation translate into new challenges for institutions in the 21st century: thriving in an increasingly complex world and keeping up with the pace of change, while being confronted with pressing environmental and sustainability issues.

At the same time a new generation of young people enters the job market and places new demands on employers. The generations Y and Z (today’s 16 to 32 year olds) values will represent 75% of the entire workforce by 2025. Their values and needs are different than those of older generations: flexible working conditions and purpose now rank higher than professional security and high salaries, and younger generations generally wish more participation, self-responsibility and cooperation in the workplace. This way of thinking and working culture usually don’t fit into existing management structures.

This questioning of the current leadership culture also bears a huge potential for institutions of all kinds to evolve and thrive while embracing today’s challenges, thus shaping a genuinely leadership culture. This requires new attitudes and skills, notably ability to unleash the potential of all, creating collaborative mindsets and innovating constantly.

As specialist in youth empowerment and changemaking, we have developed an innovative leadership and change-management programme called Leading with Impact (LWI) in collaboration with HEC Paris and Swisscom. It prepares leaders for the challenges of the 21st century and offers the tools, mindset and space for leaders and youth to co-experiment, co-reflect and co-create a human-centred leadership culture that fosters innovation, self-empowerment, collaboration and sustainability.

Does this speak to you? Come discover Leading with Impact and get a glimpse about the approach, methodology and mindset behind. We’ll be glad to have you on 2 November at the Impact Hub Zurich and on 9 November at the Impact Hub Geneva!

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