Why imp!act?

Gordon is one of our volunteers. He told us about his motivation to participate at euforia Training Program (eTP) and organize imp!act 2016.

Why imp!act? Why not. The worst thing that could happen is that you get to meet some new people and to learn some interesting things and to feel a little inspired. We aim to help nurture the potential of people by giving them the tools and the time to find out how to utilise their talents to address the issues that they they are really passionate about.

It could be finding a way to combine a love of food and the arts into a project that helps educate people to tackle food waste through empowering homeless people.

It could be fusing a love of nature and animals into a business that brings animals back into the city to address nature deficit disorder and a lack of randomness in the day to day life, by educating people and having fun.

It could be anything. Just the act of doing is so important. It proves to us that we can change things that another way is possible. Education is one thing, it helps us learn certain analytical skills, a level of theoretical knowledge. There is also a need to develop practical skills. The skills to get things done. To work with diverse types of people towards a common goal. To be the master of your own future.

We want to give you the chance to create the kind of organisation that you would want to work for. The kind of organisation that you think should exist in this world. If it doesn't exist yet, take a second and try to imagine it.

Especially if the kinds of jobs that you are looking to apply for look tedious and boring and have nothing to offer in terms of allowing the real you to come to work and that don’t address the kinds of things that you feel most passionate about.

Don’t work at things that you don’t like to get paid just to live, which means to just carry on doing things that you don’t like. This is not the point of life. This is not living.

We have a choice and that choice starts now. So come to imp!act. Get your creative juices flowing. Map out your skills, your passions, your goals, your current position and where you want to get to. Map out your current resources and discover what you are missing and what things you need to learn or develop. Think about the things that you are really good at, the things that your friends come to you to ask for your help on. The kinds of things that you do for free and would do for free.

Think about the issues in this world that really keep you awake at night. The things that you can just not sit still whilst they worsen. The things that you can not do.

This information is so important. With it you are on the start of the journey to living your true life, the one you were born to live. Not the one that you think you should live.

At imp!act we are going to give you the tools and the time to use them to help you on this path. With a group of passionate people you will start to make steps on this path, the most important path of your life. It starts with the first step. It always does. The first step is imp!act. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Bern: 06. - 09.04.
Berlin | 13. - 16.04.
Lausanne | 13. - 16.04
Zürich | 13. - 16.04.
Genève | 27. - 30.04