Welcome to the new EUFORIA BOOSTERS!

The euforia family has grown! Nine “euforia boosters” officially joined the many motivated and inspiring euforia volunteers, interns, trainees and staff in this movement of change makers!

The boosters are part of the newly created Impact Career Academy (ICA). Working in small teams and equipped with new ideas and great amounts of enthusiasm they will tackle different projects in various areas of euforia. This new type of co-creation between boosters, staff, and volunteers will hopefully become a structure of working together that spreads to other businesses and workplaces!

Have a look at the profiles below to get to know the new euforia boosters and to see which part of euforia they will be boosting!


The EvalNinajas — Luís and Nicoletta
The EvalNinjas will unleash the potential of evaluation to constantly improve euforia and all its programs.  Luís and Nicoletta live by their motto “Making evaluation sexy” ;)


Luís became a booster at euforia because he has just too much energy and happiness that needs to be shared with the rest of the world. He gets his own energy from human kindness and nature and if he were a natural energy booster himself he would be singing all day long. Originally fromPortugal, now living in beautiful Annecy, France, he brings Yoda´s patience to the EvalNinjas.

Nicoletta brings joy to the EvalNinja team!  If she was a natural energy booster, she would dance till the sun comes up. Nicoletta gets her own energy from remembering people´s happy faces. She joined the booster team with the goal to use her professional skills to improve the beautiful community of euforia.



The (r)Evolutionizers — Natalia, Elodie, Sidsel, Philippa
The (r)Evolutionizers will focus on the eTP structure and – as their name suggests – seek to (r)Evolutionize the eTP to make it more holistic and inclusive. All under the motto “Share & Grow”, be prepared for some big changes and new opportunities to get involved with euforia!


Natalia delights the people around her with a good dose of playfulness and a topping of gratefulness. Born and raised in Mexico until the age of 8, she now lives in Geneva and feels like a world citizen. As a booster she wants to disseminate the euforic culture of co-creation, support and trust and contribute to a more humane society of interrelation and interconnection with an environment that is solution oriented. As a natural energy booster she would be a joy dance and she gets her energy from deep connections with euphoric people or being upside down at Acroyoga.

Elodie loves to sing and – very fittingly – would be bird´s song if she was a natural booster. She hails from France where she still lives and just learned that she is puckish (yeah, you probably have to google that). She joined the boosters because euforia makes her happy and what better way to make other people as happy as she is?!


Sidsel is from Denmark but resides in Switzerland now. She came to join the boosters through a synergy meeting. Her “secret ingredient” is the law of attraction – so watch out! If she was a natural energy boosters she would be a meditation session; she gets her own energy from a variety of things including people, singing, running, being, playing, reading, writing, laughing, and living.

Philippa joined the boosters because euforia is just her perfect cup of tea – the moment she first read about it, she decided that she would work for euforia eventually. Being skinny dipping as a natural energy boosters, she brings bubbliness and zest for action to the (r)Evolutionizers. Creating pretty things gives new energy for new ideas and actions. She is from Germany and will move to the southern part of Germany soon.


The Waitresses — Fränzi and Marietta
The Waitresses will support euforia with its facilitation and businesses services and their ultimate goal is to deliver the best custom-made euforia menu.


Fränzi brings acuity and lenience to the waitresses. Euforia boosts her own life so the next step was to become a euforia booster herself. She grew up in Obfelden, studied in Zurich, is now based in Fribourg but works in Bern. Brunch with friends, sport (yoga and crossfit) and lots of sleep energize her, while she would be a ginger-banana smoothie with cinnamon topping if she was a natural energy booster.

Marietta´s “secret ingredient” is her mint-mango ability to see the good (or potential for good) in everyone. She gets her own energy from watching life and reading/writing in a small cafe, singing with others and feeling beautiful harmonies, and nature. If she was a natural energy booster she would be the feeling of cold water on your face in the morning. Originally from Hamburg but having lived – and maybe returning soon – in Geneva, she joined the boosters because co-creating a world based on abundance, true being, and connections makes her so very euphoric!


Sales & Partnerships — Bibiana
The Sales & Partnership booster will focus on euforia´s business services. The goal is to enhance euforia’s corporate expertise and know-how by enlarging its activites all across Switzerland as well as to establish fruitful and meaningful collaborations, especially in the French speaking region.


Bibiana would be a fresh green juice with an overdose of ginger if she was a natural energy booster. She gets energized through dancing, singing, hiking, morning mediation and yoga. Being part of euforia has already transformed her life in many ways. By joining the booster team she can use her skillset to spread the euforia virus even further, helping the organization grow and scale up sustainably. She was born and raised in Columbia but now lives in Lausanne. She smiles to the world and seeks to be grateful no matter what and to embrace compassion and kindness.