Welcome Malika!!!

I am Malika! I was born in Geneva, but my heart is from lots of other places too. I just moved back to Switzerland after living abroad for some years. I love travelling and diving into new environments and cultures. This passion has oriented many of my choices in life and offered me exciting personal and professional experiences. 

During my studies in Lyon at 3A School of Business and Development, I got to know people that had done amazing adventurous travels and were so optimistic about this world that I decided I also wanted to be an empathic and optimistic person (obviously this is a life goal hum!). I think the book that gave me the courage and inspiration to leave alone for the first time to South Africa to meet fishermen was Africa Trek from the Poussin couple.

After this trip I had so much faith in humanity and desire to really understand more about this crazy world that I cycled to and in Albania with two friends. I have lived some of the most intense moments of my life during this trip and I think it is one of the moments when I experienced real mindfulness!

When the opportunity to leave for an exchange semester to Mexico arrived at the end of my studies, I jumped on it. That was the beginning of a long and intense page of my life. I fell in love with Mexico, its people, language, culture, music, humour, challenges, food, everything! As life does well it’s work, enriching opportunities presented themselves over there and I finally stayed five years!

I am now very happy to be back in Switzerland where I want to discover my country all over again with new eyes. I feel so grateful to be welcomed by euforia and have the opportunity to be surrounded by such amazing people. I will work and participate in the scaling process of euforia as well as the fundraising. I am looking forward to meeting more of this big euphoric family!