From imp!act to eTP – A Short Story

[ Fränzi tells you why you should take part of the next eTP ]

It was beginning February 2015. I started my felted 150th attempt to finish my last course at ETH. Only this one semester to go. Then only 10 weeks on the diploma project. It would have been done! At least I would have been done. Literally. For sure. This time it only took me 2 days to realise (again) that this is really not the place I wanted to be and that there was that itching thought that I actually should not be there neither. This time there was no way back, no hidden possibility nor any other hope. I successfully dropped out of my 8 years love-and-hate story with studying Architecture (see what happens when you do this ;) ). What a long time to take a decision you might think. Sometimes things are not that obvious. Sometimes we need to get underneath the logic of our kitchen-table psychology and dig deeper - or just participate in a crazy workshop called imp!act!

It hit me somewhere between Thursday morning and afternoon. I am sure you remember the Card Game, the contemplation about your strengths and interests, the fu*ing stressfull brainstorming and that funny games in between (who could resist to dance with Lonely Boy!?). What wowed me was not only Anna’s Super-Power or the crazy superheros but also a so long missed clearness in knowing what I wanted: I wanted exactly this! I wanted to be a facilitator, walk people trough processes, give them space to develop concepts, gain insights and get things done! It was clear: “I want to do an imp!act!”

I am sure you also had some two or three insights during or after imp!act. Exactly this is the reason I want to invite you to join the euforia Training Program (eTP) to get to the next Level (of enlightenments :) ) with imp!act! Because sometimes we need to get underneath the logic of our kitchen-table psychology and dig deeper - or just participate in a crazy Training Program called eTP!

Euforia Training Program (eTP) will provide you with the tools and trainings you need to organise a complete 3.5 day imp!act workshop yourself and inspire more euphoric people to start their own projects. You will take responsibilities and transfer your knowledge into practice. You’ll learn about collaboration methods, about team and project management, you’ll practice outreach and funding and train your presentation skills.

Why would you put effort in this? You can explore new fields of experience in a safe environment where you’ll be stipulated to experiment and get things done. You will be part of an amazingly big community with tremendous knowledge that will support you in any way you need and that also wants to make a difference* on earth – together with you. Sounds unreal? No it’s true and it’s even FUN!

Take on the challenge and find your place in this world as an actor and contribute to a real change!


*Evaluations of surveys among former imp!act participants show that six months after the workshop an average of 60-90 % make an effort to design their living habits more sustainable. 50-70% get involved in an existing organization and 30 percent carry further their project they developed at imp!act. Really great projects have already emerged, such as essento which develops and markets delicious food based on insects or DoItYourself Geneva that campaigns for a more resilient and environmentally friendly society centred on the sharing of knowledge.