The boat of life (Welcome Valerian!)

Valerian joined the staff a few months ago to boost our Business services. This is him:

I find myself on a boat which has left the harbor of joy a third of a lifetime ago. Its sails are my wings guiding me on my journey; its anchor is my roots allowing me to grow. It left into waters of smooth waves, stroking winds and warming sun rays, never leaving the company of family, which constantly sailed alongside of me.

A painful and sudden farewell from one of the boats resulted in strengthened bonds of the three remaining ships. The three continued their journey through winds and waves and from sunrise to sunset. They fought through stormy oceans and cherished the serenity of calm waters. The sun kissed them while the moon watched over them, and the stars helped them to rediscover lost ways. They crossed paths with many other vessels and encountered numerous exotic coastlines. With the compass of ancient virtues and the winds of change they guided their boats in a mystical manner.

I have already sailed through an ocean on my boat. In order to successfully navigate through it I had to train my capabilities to think. I am now on the next part of my journey in which I need to balance and control the energy that is around and within me. This has to be done to conquer the second ocean, before I face the third and last ocean of my journey.

I am thankful for the opportunity to currently sail together with fellow social pirates – they call themselves euforians – and to radically distribute social mass constructive weapons that spread creativity, inspiration and the ability to make more use of one`s own potential.

Please tell me about your journey the next time we meet!