Reinvening euforia: reflection day


Reinventing euforia: Come to the euforic reflection day and let's tap into all our potential - 11 December 10h-18h / 20.15h - Bern

euforia is all of us, partners, volunteers, staff, boosters alike. It's the changes all of us have co-created and experienced thanks to our involvement!
We have collectively felt many signals that it's time to completely reinvent euforia's form of organisation. For impact, wellbeing, sustainability and awesomeness (for us individually collectively and the world)!

What has happened so far:
If you have followed past announcements, you know that we have started our reinventing journey by re-imagining our values, purpose and principles.

What will happen now:
For the next stage, we invite you very warmly to Bern on 11 Dec in order to think further:

10h - 18h- for everybody
What is needed to unleash yours and euforia’s potential to get to our stars (Values, Purpose, Principles)?  
How can we tap into all the potential that is within us, all the resources that are both within us, between us and in our relations?

18.15 - 20.15h - for euforia ex-volunteers, etplers and experts in any domain
Would you like to be part of the support structure of our new transformative, collaborative, self-managed programmes The Unleash Project/Rev Lab?
Come and discover the new programmes, the structure inspired by holacracy/teal and the support roles YOU could fill to help teams & programme flourish!

Let's dream together, use all our sensing & imagination in a fun and reflective day!

You are important! Come and sign up here!

Hugs from and to all!