Gratitude Notebook

>>> Invitation by Egle Paulauskaite

Are you a young product/graphic designer looking to kick-start your career with agreat project?

What we are looking for: GRATITUDE NOTEBOOK is the new edition of Gratitude Journal, a noteboo to practice mindfulness and gratitude. It goes global and needs a brand new logo, a cover design and design of the pages ready to be sent to a publisher. Elegance, quality and style are key. Content available.

What we are offering: Opportunity to design and publish a product with your name on it; Reference letter signed by the project creator to confirm your ability to create exclusive design of a product that is sold Europe-wide; 3x GRATITUDE NOTEBOOKS to be proud of, to add to your portfolio and to demonstrate to your next client or employer.

Product Description: GRATITUDE NOTEBOOK is a personal diary for everyday that helps develop and flourish the attitude of gratitude which ultimately leads to a more positive, happier and fulfilled life.

Product Concept: GRATITUDE NOTEBOOK owner spends about 3-5min per day to think and reflect on what is s/he grateful for. It’s a self-empowerment tool to practice awareness, start noticing, listing and appreciating beautiful things in life. And sharing them!

GRATITUDE is the attitude of successful people. For her & for him. And you can be the designer of the this gratitude tool, the GRATITUDE NOTEBOOK.